Welcome to The Bank Spot, a personal blog about banks and banking, written from the perspective of a veteran financial journalist. I am Jack Milligan and I have been a reporter, writer and editor for most of the last 35 years. Almost all of that time has been spent writing about some aspect of banking and finance for magazines, and roughly half of it was spent in New York. I am currently the editor at Bank Director, a quarterly magazine that is the leading information resource for bank boards and their directors, although the opinions that I express here are my own and not those of my employer.

When you’ve covered a beat as long as I’ve covered this one, you’re bound to have a lot of opinions – which I do, and which I will share with my faithful reader(s) every Monday. I still find banking to be a fascinating industry. It’s truly the life’s blood of a healthy economy as we (re)discovered during the last financial crisis, when the industry’s meltdown led directly to the Great Recession. I especially enjoy examining how banks and financial services companies are impacted by large economic, demographic and regulatory trends, and identifying the organizations that do the best job of embracing change.

I learned my hardest and most valuable lessons writing for Institutional Investor magazine in the mid-1980s and early 1990s, and later became the editor in chief at the late, great U.S. Banker magazine. I moved with my family to Charlottesville, Virginia, in the late 1990s to become editor in chief at SNL Financial (and escape my long commute on the Long Island Railroad). I later tried my hand at freelance writing for a few years, then spent a few more years as Bank Director’s associate publisher before becoming its editor in the fall of 2011. Bank Director is headquartered in Nashville, but I work from my home in Charlottesville. I have one dog, Harry, who answers the phone, and another dog, Phoebe, who manages the office. They both bark when someone comes to the front door. We make a great team.